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Garfield dpw

For more information about RecycleSmart.

Garfield Public Works

For candidacy filing or any election questions. As neighbors, we work together to create a community where our residents and businesses thrive, our natural resources are protected and enjoyed, our visitors are welcomed and appreciated, and our high quality of life is promoted. The draft of the Barlow Garfield Neighborhood Plan has been finalized and is now available for public comment.

In accordance with the Michigan Planning Enabling Act, the draft plan will be available for public comment over a day period. If you would like to provide your comments and feedback on the plan, please send an email to the Planning Department by Thursday May 7, Michigan taxpayers with past-due tax debts should be aware of an aggressive scam that's making the rounds through the U. Taxpayers receive what appears to be a government-looking letter about an overdue tax bill, asking individuals to contact a toll-free number to resolve a state tax debt.

The correspondence appears credible because it uses specific personal facts about their real outstanding debt that's pulled from publicly available information. Taxpayers who receive a letter from a scammer or have questions about their state debts should call Treasury Collections Service Center at A customer service representative can log the scam, verify outstanding state debts and provide flexible payment options.

With the passage of of Proposal 3 in Novemberall registered voters are eligible to receive an Absentee Ballot. Contact the Clerk's office for an application. Garfield Township is looking for residents to serve on various Boards and Commissions. If this is something that interests you, please download our Board Appointment Policy and Application and send a completed copy to Garfield Township. Print Log In. Contact Us.

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Apply For A Building Permit? A Burn Permit? A Principal Residence Exemption? An Absentee Ballot? An Appeal of Property Tax Assessment? Learn About Elections and Voter Registration? Find Meeting Information? Make a Request for Public Record? Pay My Property Taxes? Reserve a park facility? View Park Maps? View Township Maps? Closed Friday. Area Utility Providers. Township Ordinances. Frequently Asked Questions.Please be patient as response times will likely be longer than usual and some non-essential services have been suspended.

While the intention is to remain on-schedule, residents should keep carts placed at the collection point until serviced. Sanitation crews will collect up to 1 cubic yard only outside of the cart. If your cart is collected by an ASL truck, in addition to the instructions above, you must make sure the lid opens to the street or alley and the handle is closest to the house. Learn more about ASL collection.

Your browser does not support iframes. Collection Services. Collection Schedules.

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Bulky Item Pickup. Disposal Guide. Drop Off Centers. Hazardous Waste. Compost Bin Sale. Brush Collection. Fall Leaf Collection. Curbside Organics Pilot.

Public Works Department

Clean Communities. Street Sweeping. Neighborhood Cleanups. Service Requests. Email Sanitation Staff. Email Alerts and Reminders. Design by City of Milwaukee. Official Website of the City of Milwaukee. Directory Residents Business Visitors. Department of Public Works.Please be patient as response times will likely be longer than usual and some non-essential services have been suspended.

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, many City offices currently have limited hours or are closed for walk-in services to prevent the spread of the virus. For the current safety and long-term health of our workforce, DPW is focusing on essential services throughout each of our divisions. Our field staff is also impacted and operating in smaller numbers. To assist restaurants that currently do not have a "Loading Zone" adjacent to their business, the City of Milwaukee has implemented a temporary program to provide "Restaurant Carryout Zones".

For more information on this program, please contact the Special Event Permit Office at or send an email to dpwspecialevents milwaukee. Operations and Maintenance Employment Opportunities. Notice of Title VI Rights. Title VI Complaint Form. Garbage and Recycling Collection Schedules. Bulky Pickup Charges.

Welcome to the Charter Township of Garfield!

Report a Pothole - Online Service Request. Teutonia Ave-W. Groeling Ave N. Capitol Dr S. Chase Ave-W. Ohio Avenue W. Fond du Lac Ave-N. Layton Ave-S.

COVID19 - Mayor & City Manager's Address 3-30-20

The Administrative Services Division serves as department liaison to elected officials and the public, and coordinates major transportation, environmental and economic development-related projects. In addition, this division is responsible for coordinating the department's budgets finance and planning, payroll, personnel, employee safety, and contract management. The division also manages all communication responsibilities including media relations for the department and special event permits.

The Infrastructure Division has the responsibility for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of all streets, alleys, bridges, public way lighting, traffic control signs and signals, sewers, and underground conduit systems. This division is the largest of four divisions in the Department of Public Works, with a workforce that expands in excess of 1, employees during the construction and repair season.

Responsible for solid waste collection and disposal, recycling and waste reduction, trees and landscaping, fleet maintenance and dispatch, snow and ice control, and parking functions, Operations is dedicated year-round to keeping Milwaukee clean, manicured and safe. The Milwaukee Water Works is nationally recognized for providing safe, high-quality water and excellent service topeople in 16 communities in Milwaukee, Ozaukee and Waukesha Counties.

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Department of Public Works Frank P. Design by City of Milwaukee. Official Website of the City of Milwaukee. Directory Residents Business Visitors. Department of Public Works. Official Bid Notices. Major Projects. How do I? Online Service Request. Customers should use other methods of payment or call us at if they cannot pay with a mailed check, onlineor by phone. The scheduling of meter-related appointments unless one is necessary to restore water service has been suspended.Print Log In.

Contact Us. Closed Friday. Area Utility Providers. Township Ordinances. Frequently Asked Questions. Assessing Department. Planning Department. Board of Trustees. Supervisors Office. Building Department. Treasurers Office. Clerks Office. Zoning Board of Appeals. Planning Commission. Zoning Department.

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Email: adehaan garfield-twp. Email: jbigbee garfield-twp. Email: halpers garfield-twp. Chuck Korn. Email: ckorn garfield-twp. Lanie McManus. Email: lmcmanus garfield-twp.

Jeane Blood Law.

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Email: jblood garfield-twp. Molly Agostinelli. Steve Duell. Email: sjdenterprisestc gmail. Denise Schmuckal. Email: deeschmuckal hotmail.Library Board Meeting. Planning Board Meeting.

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The department is managed by a superintendent and consists of 19 full time employees, 4 of which are clerical. The DPW consists of 4 departments; water, sewer, road and shade tree.

garfield dpw

The township's engineering, recycling, and solid waste collection and disposal also fall under the Public Works. The Public Works has two employees on standby 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, days a year, which covers from PM to AM. Under this, residents can call our Police Department's non-emergency number at to report a water or sewer problem. Anything from a leaking water meter, sewer backup, or water main break, our employees will work to alleviate the issue immediately.

Under the DPW, we own the infrastructure and water utility. The water is purchased in bulk by Passaic Valley Water Commission. The Township of Lyndhurst purchases between and million gallons of water yearly. The Water Department owns, operates, and maintains approximately 45 miles of distribution mains, 5, physical service connections, 1, main line valves, and fire hydrants.

Under the Water Department, yearly maintenance includes fire hydrant flushing in October and main line valve exercising during March and April. The testing meets all health and safety standards set by these two agencies.

The Sewer Department is responsible for maintaining sewer mains, catch basins, manholes, and sewer laterals. The township has a total of catch basins; of which are Bergen County's, and 45 are the State of New Jersey's. There are 67 outfalls which help drainage to the Hackensack and Passaic Rivers. Within the town, we have a total of 3 sanitary pump stations and 1 storm water pump station.

The sanitary pump stations that are located in the meadowlands, pump the sewerage to the joint station shared with North Arlington. All solids flow to Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission where it is properly treated.

Pump station 1, located on Riverside Avenue, handles the western end of the township. All remaining, is gravity fed to the main sewer trunk on Riverside Avenue. All of these pump stations have been reconstructed and completed in All stations are now backup generated for any power outages. This will help alleviate any flooding due to heavy rain. The Road Department works daily to maintain numerous things throughout the township's road.

garfield dpw

The street sweeper does a daily route and works to keep the streets clean and free of any debris. It also does a night route once a week, which cleans the main roads. Under this department, employees also repair the roads, sidewalks and curbs, seasonally. They are also responsible to keep up with the street signs. During the winter months, the streets are plowed and salted according to the weather. The Township's Shade Tree Department trims, plants, removes, and stumps trees.

On average, the department plants trees per year. Trees to be planted in the tree belt area are specifically selected for our environment and it's tolerance to our 4 seasons. The October Glory Maple has proved to uphold greatly throughout the township where they have been planted.

The recycling in Lyndhurst is picked up curbside weekly. This includes bottles and cans, and cardboard and paper. Seasonally April 1st to December 31st grass, leaves, and yard waste are also picked up. The Recycling Department also picks up appliances, electronics, concrete, and metal. Feel free to call our office at any time to schedule a pickup or request a work order to be made for a water, sewer, road, or shade tree inquiry.Paul A.

Fairview, NJ This division also provides a 6 day a week street sweeper program that sweeps each Borough street at least twice a week. Click here to view the Road Opening Permit Policy. Click here to view the Road Opening Permit Application. Additionally the division has worked to develop a preventive maintenance program for the Borough's HVAC and mechanical systems. This includes planting, fertilizing, grass mowing as well as regular upkeep and cleaning of the parks and as needed repairs to playground rides.

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This division also provides a 24 hour emergency service addressing all sewer backups that occur in the Borough. Click here to view the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. Click here to view the Stormwater Management Plan. Division of Engineering - The Department of Public Work management coordinates the daily engineering activities with the Borough's resident engineering company, Boswell Engineering.

garfield dpw

The Borough engineer in conjunction with the Department of Public Works diagnoses deficiencies to the Boroughs infrastructure, buildings, roads, sewers and maintenance related to streets. They also establish plans for resurfacing of the roads, the replacement of sewers and all matters relating to the Borough's infrastructure needs. Therefore providing a 2 day-a - week pickup for every Borough resident. The Department of Public Works also collects cardboard and newspapers separately every Wednesday as well.

Effective April 15th and continuing through October 15th. Public Works picks up vegative waste i. Please contact the Public Works Department to schedule white metal, appliance pickup on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays by appointment 7 A. All residents may also schedule an appointment to pickup any computers, TV's or batteries on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from the hours of 7 A.

Newspapers Must be tied securely. Newspapers do not go into the recycling container. Magazines, soft and hard cover books, and junk mail may be put out with the newspapers. Cardboard Must be collapsed and tied, and placed at the curb the same day as the newspapers. Cardboard and newspapers must be secured to keep them from being blown away by strong winds.Administrative operates out of City Hall located at Outwater Lane.

Recreation operates out of the Recreation Center located at Midland Avenue. Important duties include maintenance of public buildings, maintaining approximately 57 miles of roads from sweeping and plowing to leaf collection, maintaining sewer mains, and providing drinking water from 10 wells and connections to the Passaic Valley Water System and removing and planting shade trees, and weekly collection of recyclables.

The garbage collection schedule remains the same. If you do not know the days for garbage collection, call the DPW at the number above and they will assist you. The schedule is also available here on the city's web under Forms. The following garbage container guidelines will help prevent litter and assist garbage collection efficiency:.

The garbage collector will not pick up construction materials including concrete, asphalt, and dirt; lumber sheet rock, bricks, rocks. These items are the responsibility of the contractor or homeowner to dispose of. If you have any question as to what can be placed at the curb for disposal, please call the DPW. Will be collected by appointment only on Thursdays. Please call the DPW by Wednesday of that week to schedule a pick-up. Metal may not be placed at the curb before PM night before the collection.

If you put out the metal without an appointment you will receive a summons. TVs can be dropped off at the DPW or call for pick-up. Please call the DPW to schedule your pick-up. Prohibited in public places: No person shall litter in any street, sidewalk or public place within the city.

Sweeping litter into the street is prohibited. No person shall sweep any litter into the gutter, street or public place within the city. The owner of any private property shall maintain the property free of litter. No person shall dispose or dump on public or private property or in any body of water. If any person does not comply with the above, summons will be issued.

The Recycling Division is responsible for implementing and educating residents about the recycling program, collection of recyclables, recycling enforcement, clean communities program implementation and overseeing the garbage contractor. Inthe Recycling Division recycled tons of materials. Residents are encouraged to reduce as much waste as possible to help reduce the costs of garbage disposal.

One of the ways residents can reduce waste is by backyard composting. The Recycling and Garbage Calendar is expected to be placed in the mail the first week of March. Leaves will only be picked up in the brown leaf bags provided by the City on your sweeper day. Failure to put your leaves in these bags will result in a summons. No plastic bags will be accepted.

All residences were given a blue recycling barrel in These barrels are the property of the City of Garfield and must remain with the property in the event it is sold.

Please mark your barrel with your full address. Recycling barrels are no longer available. The DPW has recycling labels available that can be placed on a barrel purchased by the home owner. This includes at total of 57 miles of roadway.


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