Smile more store employees

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Smile more store employees

Engaged employees can be some of your biggest brand advocates. These employees will make every interaction with a customer a memorable one because they are focused on the wellbeing of the organization. According to research from a Hay Group studyengaged employees can cause companies to grow revenues twice as much as companies with lower engagement levels.

Not only that, but it betters customer experience and leads to improved customer loyalty. Studies have found that companies with high employee engagement scores had twice the customer loyalty repeat purchases, recommendations to friends than companies with average employee engagement levels. The statistics above make a convincing case for having engaged employees. Here are my top reasons why having engaged employees is a must for your organization:.

An engaged employee finds their job to be motivating and personally fulfilling. As a result, they tend to be more productive on the job than other disengaged employees. This productivity frees up time for employees to devote to other tasks. This extra time could be used to reach more customers, provide assistance to existing customers, or help a team member complete a difficult task.

They can also hone existing skills or develop completely new ones. If this is the case, not only is the employee more effective, but they will also be more engaged as a result. Engaged employees find their work to be personally fulfilling, and feel that their position is an important part of who they are as a person.

While they do expect to receive compensation, this is not what drives their efforts each day. An employee that is driven because they care about their organization and not about the paycheck is an employee that will always do right by your company.

smile more store employees

Intrinsically motivated employees receive personal satisfaction from a job well done. Compared to employees who only work to receive a paycheck, engaged employees are the type of people you want working for you.

When an employee is engaged, they are much more likely to remain an employee of yours for an extended period of time. Studies found that highly engaged employees were 87 percent less likely to leave their companies than their disengaged counterparts.

This makes employment forecasting a breeze for your HR department. Additionally, engaged employees miss work less than their disengaged co-workers.

Reducing absenteeism means that your organization can work at full pace more often, improving your overall effectiveness and the speed with which you can accomplish tasks.

Having engaged employees can have direct, bottom-line impact on profitability. Sears measured that a 5 point improvement in employee attitudes drove a 1. In additional to this, a study of 64 organizations revealed that organizations with highly engaged employees achieve twice the annual net income of organizations whose employees lag behind on engagement. These findings illustrate just how big of an impact employee engagement can have on profitability and revenue. It is easy way to increase these two metrics without having to attract more customers or cut costs in any way.

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As we already mentioned, the biggest organizational benefit of employee engagement is that it can help to develop loyalty among your customers.Skip navigation! Story from Living. They are on the frontlines, providing much-needed services to people.

Those include healthcare workers like doctors and nursesbut they also include service workers like grocery store employees. As more and more states face massive closures, including schools and daycare centers, employees at grocery stores must continue to show up to work, putting themselves at great risk to do so. They interact with hundreds, if not thousands, of people per day, increasing the chances that they will get sick. Because grocery stores, during the coronavirus, are considered an essential business — one that won't close even amid massive city-wide shut downs.

In Vermont, public safety commissioner Michael Schirling told the VTDigger that his office also planned to add grocery store workers to the list of essential employees. The move comes as more and more grocery store employees speak out about the conditions they are working under.

Coronavirus: toscana, 9 i nuovi casi, nessun decesso

With grocery store workers risking their health and safety to make sure others have access to fooddesignating them emergency workers is the least the country can do. Ideally, other states will follow suit — or a federal mandate will come down — granting grocery store employees all over the country the same benefits.

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Remember the iPhone SE from ? The smaller, lower-cost cousin of the iPhone 5 that could definitely fit in the back pocket of your jeans, no problem?If you think about the stores you frequent, you probably have a good feeling about those businesses. You feel welcome. The same rule applies to your place of business. If customers feel welcome, they will stay longer and come back to see you more often. You might not need new customers to increase sales. You can sell more to the customers you have by using techniques to make them feel at home.

The No. You might be stressed or even upset, but if you can find a way to smile when customers come in, you will see sales rise. One way to smile even when you don't think about it is to think about a pleasant experience you have had. People can hear a smile on the phone. A smile shows up in your voice and puts you in the mood to be helpful.

Try a smile as part of your phone etiquette, and you might find customers respond positively. Welcoming should start before you ever see the customer. She says you should keep your parking lot clean and make your storefront neat.

Customers will be more likely to feel welcome if the appearance of your store is free of clutter. Give your employees a place to take a break away from the front of your store. Customers can resent winding their way through clouds of smoke and loitering employees just to enter your store. In addition, employees might chat about store issues you don't want your customers to overhear.

If you don't have a brick-and-mortar store, but instead own a web-based business, you can still make customers feel welcome when they come to your website.

When visitors sign up at your site by leaving their email addresses, send a welcome email. Thank them for coming to your web page and explain what services or products you offer. Then invite them to come back to see you. Whether you have occasion to address customers in person, on the phone or through email, address them by name. People respond well to being called by name. If you are unsure of whether using a first name is too informal, ask the customer what she prefers.

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Make sure you pay attention when a customer speaks to you. If you are distracted, you might have to ask the customer to repeat what he said, and customers can find this annoying. Don't create the distraction yourself by talking to or disciplining employees while the customer is addressing you. When you listen, you learn a lot about the customer's needs.

10 things retail workers notice when you first walk into a store

Find something special about each customer to comment on or remember. This one might like to wear red; that one might have a grandchild at home. If you just met the customer, you can still establish a rapport by paying attention to the customer's concerns, issues and tastes, and responding to them.

If a customer emails you, write back and mention the previous email so that the customer knows you are not sending out a generic email response. Thank each and every customer at the end of a transaction or communication. Let them know you value their business and that you want to see them again. They will be more likely to return, assured that their business is appreciated. Make an effort to communicate with your customers even when they are not buying from you.One Target employee told Business Insider that their store has been targeted by everyone from "drug users to moms who are bored.

Still, when it comes to sizing up potential shoplifters, retail employees tend to notice a few things about customers from the second they walk into the store. Read more : Walmart employees share the wildest returns they've ever seen. Most retailers employ loss-prevention officers to deal with theft, and other employees are typically barred from confronting suspected thieves. But that doesn't mean that these employees don't keep an eye out for certain behaviors.

Business Insider spoke to a number of retail employees about what tends to immediately raise their suspicions when it comes to customers:.

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My Account. World globe An icon of the world globe, indicating different international options. Observant retail employees know how to identify potential shoplifters.

Most stores have policies barring employees from directly confronting suspected thieves, but that doesn't mean that workers won't notice certain red flags. From clothing choices to a lack of eye contact, here's what employees said they immediately notice about customers. Employees told Business Insider that potential thieves often comport themselves in a specific way, although the behavior can vary based on the individual shoplifter.

Some shoplifters often try "harder than normal to blend in," one Target employee said, adding that retail employees with a "trained eye" can usually pick up on this subtle "forced relaxation.

A different Target employee said that other shoplifters exude anxiety, walking "in a hurry, head down, trying to avoid any kind of eye contact.

A Publix employee agreed that any obvious lack of eye contact is an instant red flag.

Walmart Store Manager Exposes Systematic Attack on Employee Benefits

The Publix employee added that shoplifters often "avoid meaningful interactions or any person-to-person interaction" from the moment they enter the store. Shoppers who walk into the store and appear to "scope out" the employees often attract attention, according to a Target employee.

A different Target employee told Business Insider that potential thieves attract attention upon entering the store because they "look around more while looking at the merchandise. A Publix employee said that customers with "baggier clothing" sometimes stick out, given that sagging garments offer shoplifters more room to hide stolen goods.

The same goes for customers toting large bags, according to a different Target employee. Other employees said that they're sometimes suspicious of people who make a quick beeline for a specific part of the store.

One Walmart employee said that they tended to notice shoppers who entered the store, only to quickly circle back to the now-defunct self-checkout station.

A Publix employee expressed a similar sentiment. A Target employee added that shoplifters "usually go straight to electronics, cosmetics, or clothing. Two Costco employees said that thieves tend to target their warehouses' clothing section, so anyone marching over to that part of the store might attract attention from loss-prevention officers.

One employee added that their location has a problem with people swiping underwear and leaving behind old, used pairs. But employees agreed that the first thing they notice when you walk in the store is whether or not you're a frequent shoplifter. But a different Target employee added that not all repeat offenders are an unwelcome sight, explaining that "college kids" often visit the store to swipe utensils and sweeteners from the adjoining Starbucks.We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days.

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smile more store employees

Mineral Wash Pullover Hoodie-Black. Ugly Holiday Sweatshirt. Smile More Throw Blanket. Smile More Pillow Cases. Smile More Classic Key Chain.The current assistant store manager was compelled to share his own experience after reading several accounts written by store associates. The author describes in detail how the company has systematically slashed employee benefits over the course of two decades.

The company has also initiated new programs, such as pay caps for certain positions. Many of these changes came directly from the home office.

smile more store employees

Walmart has increasingly centralized its employee policies over the last two decades, including hourly raises. Walmart has also imposed new restrictions on the number of full-time employees at each store.

The company previously required 60 percent of employees to be full-time and has now cut that down to 40 percent full-time, 40 percent part-time and 20 percent temporary workers who are not entitled to any benefits.

These people can barely pay their rent as it is and with no notice we cut their hours. Just as many associates have faced retaliation for speaking outincluding being outright fired, the author echoed similar concerns for his own job. With so many aspects of company policy originating from the home office, it appears unlikely that such retaliatory actions against employees are isolated incidents restricted to a few store managers.

Tags: benefitsGawkerwagesWalmart. There is one way to deal with Walmart, McDonalds, etc. The Vermont Country Store treats its employees in exactly the same fashion.

Often workers are sent home after working an hour or so — maybe not even enough to pay for their gasoline to get to work. If a worker has to call in sick, they almost always are sent home early the next day. Im all for people working hard, starting their own businesses and being rewarded for it.

But unfortunately greed and the corporate mentality which is where shareholders are separated from the reality of their earnings… makes it easier to justify doing whatever it takes just to increase their dividends manifests this cruelty towards humanity. If you are profiting more money than you could ever use, and keep profiting yet make it impossible for others to even work a full week and these are people that want to work then that is wrong, plain and simple.

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